Anonymous asked: "Are virgos prone to mental illnesses like bipolar or depression ?? Because i can get overly depressed then overly happy its like a cycle it goes on an on but my mind is always in depressed state while i am happy ?? I dknt understand"


I wouldn’t say Virgo is necessarily prone to them, but Virgos moods are definitely very changeable. One little thing can turn a whole day (or days) upside down, because Virgo is ALL about the little things.

All about the little things…..

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JC and The Voidz at The Roxy last Thursday.
Our ears rang so loud the next morning since the speaker was right across the ADA seating but I wouldn’t have changed it one bit. I love my friends!

52 more days until NYC. The Strokes!!!!!!!!

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Even though it’s not often, talks with you are always meaningful.
And you actually listen, bring up concern and it’s always genuine.
Hell, you’re the one to bring up past conversations and catch up on my life.
Right where we left off 8 months ago…

I have so much respect for you and that’s why I always came to you for advice in the first place.

You rule, dude.

Rita Hayworth and Merle Orberon photographed with unknown starlets, circa 1941.

Rita Hayworth and Merle Orberon photographed with unknown starlets, circa 1941.

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KROQ Coachella Party House.

I have the worst case of the Monday blues, and partial post partyhouse depression.

I was really crossing my fingers and toes for Warpaint to come to the house but unfortunately it was a no go. But how can one complain? Free coachella artist performances, free mojitos, free beer, free tacos and all while relaxing poolside. The home was beautiful, and it had to so much land and a mini lake attached to it as well. I never wanted to leave (except Saturday night when the Sandstorm gave us layers of layers of sand caked onto us). But here I am, at home, slowly unpacking my bags.

You can check out little slices of my weekend here!

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I need more now, I want more now
And I’m in Heaven, I’m in Heaven now
* * * You’re so golden, I’m so golden now * * *
I want more now, I want more now

You’re, So, Beaauutiful, ah!

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Mega Babe 😍

Le Butcherettes killed it last Sunday. Still not over it.

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Julian casablancas and the Voidz just posted they’re playing this Thursday in LA with a link for tickets and I snagged me some!!!! He’s been doing this for all his shows, at random. Talk about being online at the right time

BEST WEEK EVER. I can’t wait to see Jules with my girls. Ah!

"here’s to strong women. may we know them. may we be them. may we raise them."
— (via shaelii)

Obsessed with Jenny Lee’s genuinely joyful facial expressions and dance moves in this.
She’s always mesmerizing to watch. You’r my favorite, giiiirrrrrrlllll.